Synchronization using the Time Data Monitor

There can be a number of issues preventing the time data monitor from running correctly, these are described below:

Failure to Synchronize when using Timecode

When attempting to synchronize the input sources with the time data monitor using time code it is necessary for the input SDI video to have the timecode embedded. If this is unsupported by the camera then the Ncam server can be used as a timecode injector at the cost of some introduced delay to the video. The most suitable alternative however may be to simply synchronize the sources without time code.

Media Sources aren't shown in the Time Data Monitor

If not all of the media sources are present within the time data monitor then they may need to be added to the Unreal scene. Please ensure that Step 3 - Add Media Bundles was completed successfully.

Media Profile isn't loaded

The Ncam media profile must be loaded in the toolbar for the media sources to work correctly. The media profile icon will be greyed out if no profile is loaded.

If the media profile icon is greyed out t click on it to load a profile.
If the media profile icon is greyed out t click on it to load a profile.

Play Mode

White Screen when using AR Suite

If the Unreal viewport is white when running the game it is likely that the world settings for the project haven't been configured correctly. A specific world settings class is required which can be applied from within the Project settings. To do this search for the "World Settings Class" in the project settings and select the "NcWorldSettingsBP" option. Once the world settings has been set a restart of the engine is required.

A specific World Settings blueprint must be used with Ncam AR Suite
A specific World Settings blueprint must be used with Ncam AR Suite

Compositing using Ncam AR Suite doesn't start when entering Play mode

It is likely because the game mode has not been set. This can be done on a level by level basis or globally in the project settings. f using the AR Suite Lite plugin the "NcGameModeLite" option should be used and if using the AR Suite plugin the "NcGameModeSuiteBP" option should be used.

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Some customers have reported that the Ncam AR Suite plugin installer occasionally fails to find an Unreal installation to install to. This is caused if unreal was built from source or if the launcher didn't have admin rights when it was installed. The result result is that a required registry key holding the installation location is omitted and not installed correctly.

To add the registry key manually, here is the step-by-step guide:

  • Open the Windows search bar and input Registry Editor to open the registry application.
  • Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > EpicGames > Unreal Engine  
  • Right click on Unreal Engine > New > Key - This should create a new folder under Unreal (if there is already a X folder you can skip this step and the next)
  • Rename the folder to 5.X (replacing X with the major version of the Unreal Engine)
  • With the new 5.X folder selected, Right click in the folder window and select New > String Value
  • Rename the new value as "InstalledDirectory"
  • Double click the Installed Directory and paste "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0" (or whatever the location of your Unreal installation is)
  • The Ncam AR Suite plugin installer can now be used as normal

Updated 23 May 2022
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