Ncam Reality


This site contains the documentation for the 2021.1 releases of Ncam Reality

Documentation is broken down into 7 categories:

Understanding the basics

This section provides a high level overview of the Ncam system, it provides descriptions of the software and user interface, as well as details on the hardware components that comprise the system. Begin here to familiarise yourself with the system.


Aspects relating to the day to day use of the Ncam system are covered here. The section is focused more on usage than setup/calibration

Connecting to renderers

Details on how to configure Ncam Reality to interact with various 3rd party renderers. Configuration settings relating to Ncam Reality as well as renderer specific tips and tricks are covered


Instructions for each of the calibration steps of the system are covered here


Tips and troubleshooting advice covering different aspects of the Ncam Reality system


Additional and miscellaneous information relating to the use of Ncam Reality is covered here


Links to Ncam software and utilities